Thursday, November 1, 2012

Make Mine Salty AND Sweet Please

I have made three batches in one week of these heavenly cookies...
ya see, I have the worst ever salty AND sweet tooth.
Every time I eat something sweet, I must have something salty.
Unfortunately it works the other way around, too!
When I saw this salty sweet cookie on Pinterest...
I HAD to try it.  The best part is the sprinkle of salt on top.
Don't be scared to put a whole pinch on... yum!

I traced the pin back to The Diary Of Dave's Wife blog...
such a cute blog... you should read it while the cookies bake!
She calls them..
The. Best. Cookie. Ever.
and I would concur!
HERE is the recipe!

Another pinterest find is this salty sweet mix.
Next time I will had dry roasted peanuts.
you can find this recipe HERE from
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