Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy Bat Craft

Addy and I have been making lots of Halloween crafts these days.
This girl keeps me on my toes and
I have been coming up with fun crafts made from stuff
 around the house to keep her busy.

 I traced a bat outline onto poster board and
gave her a handful of Q-tips
with a shallow dish of black paint.
I told her I would take a picture when she was done...
so when I pulled out the camera BEFORE she was done,
she was kinda upset...lol.
After the paint dried we cut it out and
taped lots of crape paper to the bottom.
I think they would also be cute hanging from the ceiling.
Such an easy craft bought mama plenty of time
to cook dinner and unload the dish washer!
Win. Win. I would say!
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  1. Cute, cute, cute. Even Addy pouting is cute. How fun & easy.


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