Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beach Decor

I do not have a mantel in this house (sigh) 
I really only miss it when it is time to hang stocking,
because I kinda think of our entryway buffet
 as a mantel to decorate with the seasons.
This summer we have been to the beach three times already
 and hope to make four before school starts. 
 The beach has always been one of my very favorite places,
so I wanted to decorate with some of my
beachy treasures and and favorite photos!
My sweet neighbor gave me this old frame...
at part of my design team work for Front Porch Kits
 I made these canvas tags. 
You can see them better HERE.
I absolutely love how this turned out...
the sand was brought home for one of our trips...
 and yes my hubs thought I was crazy! 
On the inside, I used sea shells I have
 collected over the years and some beach glass. 
Growing up my Aunt and Uncle had a beach house,
one of my very favorite memories it combing
the beach for glass with my Aunt Loretta and my mom.
When I look at the center of this display
 I get such a sweet rush of memories...
kind of like when you first step onto the beach, smell the salty air,
 feel the warm breeze, and hear the waves rolling...
 ahh, I just love it!

This project has been in the works for a long time. 
My mom found a memory jar similar to this online and
 we set out to find the perfect jars. 
 I really wanted mine to hold two pictures,
 so I picked up this glass block for $7
and this to die for burlap ribbon!
On the inside is more sand for our beach,
 some shells (I bought) and a bit of the beads for my Just Add Water Kit. 
The pictures our of Mike and Addy
 when they were both around 18months...
having the time of their little life at the beach. 
Even now at 5 and 2, you will find
 Mike in the water and Adelyn digging in the sand!

This is a chipboard display I made, again from my design team kit.
The pictures just don't do it justice...
the colors and details are perfect for
displaying such found summer memories
of this years beach trips!
I set on this darling little cake plate
 I bought at my new favorite local shop.
I also have a large photo of Adam and I,
 from way back in the day,
before we were even married walking on the beach...
such sweet memories!

If you are interested in a great line of crafting kits
 for scrapbooking, home decor, and mixed media...
 be sure to check out Front Porch Kits
and if you are in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area
 go visit The Little Blue House for lots of
 classes, supplies, and inspiration!

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  1. LOVE THIS! Who needs a mantle with such a wonderful buffet to decorate. I really love the memory block and the chipboard accordian folded display. Once rocked this!


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