Friday, July 27, 2012

Upcycled Vases

Thanks to my mom I have quite the collection of
empty and clean Frappuccino bottles.
I just love there shape and their price... free!

A few weeks back I wanted to combine a few of my favorite trends...
burlap, numbers, and up-cycling...
and these darling vases are the result.

 For #2 I Modge Modged small, torn pieces from
 my old copy of Eat, Pray, Love all over the bottle.
Then added a burlap band and traced the number with a sharpie!

For #7 I covered a wooden tag with burlap
and again traced the number with a sharpie. 
Next I hot glued a vintage button and
tied the tag on with black string. 
PS... We are loving our rose bushes this summer...
I love having fresh flowers sprinkled around my house!

#4 was just the burlap band with the traced number and
then is old fabric flower with a not so vintage button in the center!

That sat on a little cabinet in my living room for a few days,
but quickly found a home by my kitchen sink...
they make me happy while loading the dishwasher
 and that's a tough job for old Frappuccino bottles, right?

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