Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tea Party Playdate

Adelyn hosted her first Tea Party for her girlfriends.
We asked the girls to wear swimsuits and hats...
Addy was not fond of the hat, but VERY excited!

 I pulled out every tea set and cup we had,
my grandmothers doilies,
and a few bud vases with fresh pink flowers. 
We had three outside tables set up for filling and pouring. 
Plus the blow up pool and water table.
 The inside snack table was pretty fancy for the girls...
I wanted to make them feel special like
my great grandmother did for me
 and my cousins growing up!
It was alot of fun, even though it was cloudy.
The biggest hit was this pitcher filled
with water for constant refilling!
We only lost one Tea Cup to a bad fall on the cement!
But like my real Tea Set,
I would rather break pieces
while my friends are using them,
then have them collect dust all alone!
The clouds kept most of our friends away,
so we are doing it again this month 
and hope for better weather!
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