Sunday, July 8, 2012

Block Party

We celebrated this 4th of July with
all of our neighbors by having a block party!
The kiddos look extra cute eating their hot dogs
and playing games in their red, white, and blue!
Mike's favorite was the cupcakes...
no big surprise here!
My favorite part was the bike parade...
I brought lots of fun stuff
for the kids to decorate their bikes.
Mike pretty much watched and ate another cup cake 
while I decorated his bike!
 After the bike parade, I planned a few fun games for the kids...
but since I was leading the games we did not get pictures. 
 We played pin the star on the flag,
ice cube and spoon races, and water balloon toss!
The city fire works started around 9:15,
so we piled into the best backyard for viewing
where we dances, jumped on the trampoline,
and did sparklers and glow sticks!

Super fun 4th for The Feys!

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  1. Looks like y'all had a very fun 4th! And could Addy be any cuter on her bike???

  2. Fun, fun, fun!!!!!! LaLa


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