Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter!

Seems like no family can stretch out a holiday like The Feys can...
We had one very long Easter celebration...
First up was an egg hunt with my super fun playgroup...
It started with Mike's first soccer game of the season,
then a mommy vs Addy wrestling match in the car...
mommy won as you can see... she IS in a darling Easter dress!
And then a detour as we went to the wrong park...
a second detour as the gps was off by a block...
but, at last we did make it and the kids were ready! 

Turns out Mike is one heck of an egg hunting coach...
the little kids hunted first and he helped his sister find a ton of eggs...
never touching one himself... that is pretty hard for a four year old boy!
By the time he had his turn, he was full speed!!
and pretty much unstoppable!!
I had to stop him so that everyone got a fair share of eggs...
As you can see, Mike was all about the thrill of the hunt...
he was one happy and proud kid.
Addy? Well, again as you can see...
she would much prefer a naked, shoeless, non- hunt...
 just give her the candy...
Next up was a mid week neighborhood flash light egg hunt!!
Once again... Mike was VERY excited
and had a plan all worked out!
The dads walked the kids around the block
while the mommies hid all the eggs.
Each kid had a flashlight and a glow band. 
Addy started off strong...
but gave up and just opened and ate her eggs!

Mike was a crazy man... he ran everywhere and
I even caught him staring out of his bedroom window
hours later looking for more eggs!!
This hunt was so fun, even I can't wait to do it again next year!
We did two more egg hunts on Saturday with family at the lake house.
I did not get pictures of the hunts, but I promise Adelyn was in a swim suit...
Only afterwards did she get to strip down and color eggs naked!
Mike's coloring skills were much like his hunting skills...
color as many eggs as you can in a short amount of time,
 so you can go back and swim!
Adelyn, however has found her calling!!
She loved the kit I found that lets you really paint the eggs
 and would have painted for hours
if we did not need the table for dinner!
Look!  A smile! 
We painted and dyed six dozen eggs... for 3 kids!
My cousin, Michelle and I remember coloring and hunting
tons and tons of eggs at my grandparents,
so we thought this was a normal amount...
I hear this might be a bit much??
So, I asked my little egg artist to show me her hands....
that's is when she noticed them herself...
I really think here she is thinking...
"Was it worth it? 
Was painting and dying all those eggs worth this mess?"
(ps.. it has been four days and she still has dye up under her nails!)
By Easter morning, we were calling Mike "MR EASTER"...
So Mr. Easter woke up bright and early...
and was scoping out my bedroom window for eggs!
Adelyn was pretty much a pile on the floor, mad at the world!
I am looking forward to the day I can give this kid a cup of coffee!!
Mr. Easter was thrilled with every thing EB left him in his basket...
 even down to the black jelly beans.
He had an "Ooo" and "Aww" for everything!
Addy?  Well, she hated the fact
that EB left her a pez with no candy already loaded.
But, we let her find the first egg...
that was the one and only high for her!
But to Mr. Easter...
it was like Christmas and
a school day all rolled into one!
Nope, this was not a track meet...
just a backyard egg hunt...
with no other competition...
Still he ran full speed... enjoying every egg he found!
This is my very favorite Easter photo...
My two babies and their very different personalities.
Adelyn totally distraught that these eggs are not plastic and have no candy inside.
Mike beaming with joy and asking to hid them all again!
"Really, these eggs don't open?"
"I can't believe you woke me up for this!!"

In case you are wondering...
I am ashamed to say we did not go to church Easter Sunday.
Even more ashamed,
that we have been here for nine months
and have not found a home church.
This is not okay to us. 
We know this is the year to "settle"...
so, we will be finding one very soon!

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  1. Love the flash light egg hunt.... Looks like lots of fun :) ... I want to be a kid again :)

  2. Where to begin....I LOVED this post. I love how you were able to capture the personalities of both kiddos so well. I've only met Addy a couple of times but feel like I know her. Maybe you and I should start a support group for mothers of strongwilled, dramatic, artsy daughters? I love the photo where Mike is beaming with pride at his accomplishment and Addy is distraught over the fact that the eggs don't open and have no candy. I feel a scrapbook layout coming on....

  3. This is totally hilarious! And that IS a lot of eggs. BUT, if they are the ones that the Easter Bunny hides then... well, that # isn't too many. Personally, I would love to dye that many eggs!

    Your favorite picture, is my favorite picture. Perfectly perfect. The flashlight egg hunt sounds like lots of fun too. I am so glad you have a great group of like minded neighbors!

  4. I so needed this laugh after the busy morning I have already had. Your kids are so adorable and like mine have very different personalities! I actually had tears in my eyes while reading this. SOOOO FUNNY!!!

  5. Oh, what a great post. I was laughing & crying at the same time. Addy is almost you all over again. And Michael is just one happy little boy. Love the idea of the flashlight hunt. Yes, the memories that Easter brings. XOXO LaLa

  6. I absolutely love how you capture Mikey and Addy's personalities. They are so darling...Addyis her own person and she compromises for no one! And Mikey...all smiles all the time. Happy Easter, Feys!

  7. I've heard that we're strange for stripping the kids before letting them dye eggs. Glad to see we aren't the only ones!

    I found you through UBP 12.


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