Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eating the Alphabet

Making "fancy" pancakes has been a family tradition for years.
When I was little my dad was known for his pancake art.
His claim to fame was his Hulk Hogan pancake!

Now that I am the parent... it is my turn to design the cakes.
And since Mike LOVES pancakes
we have made it a midweek breakfast event!
 It started with their names, but the following week
Mike wanted to make "every letter"
He had the idea to use his dry erase board
(which happens to be one of my very favorite products!!
and you can find below in out favorite things wiget!)
To "order up" the letters he wanted me to make.

Hmmm... win, win...
they learn the letters and I get breakfast made!

 This is my little secret weapon... my dad never had one of these,
but you can get it at WalMart for under a buck... so why not!
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  1. You and your dad are the pancake makers. What a great tradition! And I'd love to see his Hulk Hogan pancake. Great job, mama!

  2. LOVE pancakes and pancake designs. My grandma was always the best at it. Emily regularly orders a giraffe - no surprise there! I started using a turkey baster but your secret weapon probably drips less! I'll be over next week... what day?


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