Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to make a Silouette

You might remember some of my silhouette projects
 I made for Mother's Day last year.
Recently, I have had a few readers ask
for a tutorial on how to make them...
and since I too, have another silhouette project in the works
I thought I would post a tutorial!
This one is a small wall hanging is
on a dollar store wooden plaque,
 scrapbook paper, and modge podge!
First, take a profile photo of your subject in a bright window.
It is kinda hard to get the kids to look directly ahead...
well, my kids anyway!   Lollipops help!
Then, closely crop and convert the picture to black and white. 
Print out the photo the size you want your silhouette to be...
for my plaque I did 4x6ish, for my cards 2x3 ish,
and for my up coming pillow project, I did a full 8x10. 
After the picture is printed, take a dark sharpie
and trace the edge of the profile then careful cute it out. 
Now you have a template...
you can also use the copier to make the pattern
 larger or smaller.  Ta-Da!
 A few hints... consider the hair style...
 a pony tail will change the look of the silhouette drastically!
Also, if it is time for a bang trim- it will show! lol
Make sure to use your best paper scissors for the detail work...
every nick and curve will show!  Even eyelashes!

Thanks, Jamie for the tutorial request!
PS. Check out all Jamie's cute cards HERE!!
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