Friday, March 9, 2012

Art Display

I have been working a few different decor projects,
 but they have been slow going as we have been extra busy...
 BUT, I am just about finished with our art gallery!

Months ago I was inspired by my friend Erin's gallery
 (she is a real artist!) 
I fell in love with the gallery wall,
meets children's art,
meets classically whimsical...
Like that last one?  I made it up!

Erin has some advice about what not do HERE (lol) 
My what not do is under estimate the price of chicken wire-
 I was surprised it was $22 a roll.

 Luckily all my frames were free! 
This one came from my mom and was an old mirror.
One of my favorite ways to use my scraps is making these clothes pins...
I like to put magnets on the back, use them for chip clips,
and even to clip cards on to birthday presents!

Prety cute- huh?

One other surprise was how proud Mike and Addy
were to have their art displayed so publicly. 
We have two other displays upstairs,
but they like having it in the kitchen!

I still need one more frame to finish it off,
but thanks to Erin my dull and empty wall
 below our kitchen island is full of priceless art!
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