Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Potty Training Highs and Lows

This little cutie has just turned 27 months!  And after several people agreeing she is ready to potty train, we prepared to say good bye to our diaper days...
thus officially ending the baby years, as the diaper bag can now be retired. 
 I entered the process, well frankly arrogant... after all I potty trained my son before he was 2 1/2 in 48 hours... piece of cake!
 I mean isn't it a fact that girls train easier then boys?  Hump!
Mommy's High:  The hunt!  I was so excited to take Addy out to get all our special gear for our big weekend!  It was girl's day and we spared no expense, treated ourselves to popcorn AND a Slurpee at Target, and even did it all in the rain! 

Mommy's Low:  After standing in the book section at Target for over 15 minutes debating myself over buying the only English potty book they had that was a whopping $8.50... I said, "what the hell, ya only potty train your daughter once!" Right? and bought it, only to discover just two out of the 8 buttons worked! UGH! 
Daddy's High:  "Cha-ching!  Just the mere thought of saving all that money led to day dreams of my very own boat!"
Daddy's Low:  "Being handed a turd at the dinner table by my sweet little girl.  Not sure who was more shocked... Addy because it fell out of her bum or me,  because it wasn't chicken! (for real!)"

Mikey's High:  "Sister's potty reward came in the form of Cherry M&Ms-
which she HAS to share... woo hoo!"

Mikey's Low: "I just wanted to divert attention back to me with a silly little show. While making everyone laugh, my arm got stuck in a kitchen chair... to make it worse part of my show required I wear a silly bow in my hair-dumb idea, just look at me! and to make ever more worse before helping me out, my own mother ran to get the camera and was  laughing so hard she shed tears of her own! 
and she says she loves me? It just doesn't get lower than that!"
Addy's High:  "Hmmm, not sure I had one!"
Addy's Low:  "What? No Thomas the Train panties?  What about Goofy? Spiderman?
  So not fair!"
More lows for Addy:  "After begging for a diaper over and over, my mom still forced me into panties!  Nag! Nag! Nag!  If I ever have to hear "need to go potty?" again it will be too soon!  How about trying to make a master piece on the back porch with your sidewalk paints, only to have it washed away by your own pee! 
Or worse, slipping over and over again in your own pee
as you're running across the wood floors to make it to the potty!"
"Listen up mommy, I am too smart and too cute to do anything on anyone elses terms...
after all I am YOUR daughter!"

Yup, we gave up... we will try again in three months!  No mommy of the year here, girls!
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