Sunday, February 12, 2012

For the Boys

Mike is all boy these days. 
 He is loud, fast, messy, and
 makes the most amazing sound effects!
His helicopter and machine gun sounds will make you duck and cover!
One thing I love about boys is how a $2.99 bag of army men
 can seem like the best gift ever!
And lucky for us, mom is not the only creative parent in the house...
Daddy and Mike made a fort board to play army.
He used a scrap piece of wood for the base and
then they used wood glue and 1/2 inch blocks to design two forts.
It was perfect because Mike could work right along side daddy and
 it dried really fast, so the wait time was manageable!
All you mom's of 4 year old boys will know exactly why that is perfect!
For two hours they played and played.
And later Mike played by himself some more!
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