Monday, February 13, 2012

Feeling The Love

Tomorrow is the big day and we have been
getting ready here at The Fey House.
We have lots of Valentine festivities planned.
This morning Mike worked on one set of cards for our playgroup party.
Super great tip on helping little ones address there own cards...
a name stamp and staz on ink.
This ink sticks to anything and won't smear!

Addy helped with hers, too.
and to my surprise she did it with a smile before breakfast!

And of course mommy had to get going on her Valentines for daddy.
I kinda went cheesy and cheap this year...

Starting with a six pack and
a note that says "you make my head buzz"

and  peanut butter cookies with a note that says
"I am nuts about you"
I even stocked the wine fridge and left another note...
ummm this one may be a tad too racy for the blog-lol!
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  1. Great tip for the kids doing their own cards! And super cute ideas for your Valentine. Maybe with a "buzz" and some wining and dining, you'll have the perfect Valentine's Day!

  2. Ms. Fey! :D Makes me feel like a lousy Valentine because yours are great. Who cares if they're "cheesy" - cheese and wine are a perfect combination! ;) Happy Valentine's Day, Fey Fam!

  3. Love their valtines. You did a god job for hime also. Sometimes LOVE is cheesy! LaLa


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