Saturday, January 28, 2012

Settling In

I have been dreaming (ok Pinterest-ing) ways to make my life easier.  We have been in this house for almost 6 months and now that the boxes are unpacked and the place is livable, I am going back and making some minor changes.  Specifically, cost free changes!
I got this book and read most it... some of it fit and some of it didn't.
I do not have the de-cluttering issue most
of these type of books deal with because we just moved in
 and we got rid of a ton.... really I bet it weighed a ton.
In a nutshell, Mindy suggests not to change your behavior, but to make your house fit your behavior.  For example if you have a cute little key holder in your kitchen, but everyone drops there keys on the buffet at the door... do not nag and complain, just move the key holder!  Like wise, if laundry piles up on the bathroom floor instead of making its way into the hamper in the closet... move the hamper to the bathroom!  She also discourages buying lots of bins, baskets, and racks- what?  Yup... if you think a basket will work on the counter to catch the junk mail, start with a shoe box...
 if it works go get a cute basket. 
Hmmm, that's new to me! 
Guess my old "I can't be organized until I make a trip to The Container Store" line is out the window-eh?
I have also been re-reading the Fly Ladies web site.  The best advice I picked up here is first get up and get dressed... seems easy enough, but trust me it is way too easy for me to wear my pjs to the couch for my coffee and computer time, then make breakfast, the get the kids ready, and THEN throw on some clothes!  She also says to find your one spot and keep it clean.  You know the "one spot" that fills you up when it looks good... the whole house looks awful, but this spot is presentable you can breath spot... yup, that one. For her it is her sink, for me it is my master bedroom... I feel 100 times better if I take 5 minutes and make my bed and another five to clear off my dresser! is a wonderful website with lots of practical info and videos!
One of my "hot spots" is the desk area in our kitchen- UGH!
Sometimes I wish we wouldn't have even added it in to the plans!
I use 'busy bags' in the evening when I am cooking
 with the kids and they kinda took over...
 So I now use 'busy boxes'-lol.  Ahh, much better!
This cabinet by our breakfast table, holds alot of kid stuff that needs adult supervision.  I had some puzzles and too many extras in there... so they were relocated to the downstairs living room, where we can all do puzzles.  Who would have thought that they are now used twice as much as before!  
 I still have a few more details to fix, but so far I like my start!
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  1. Good for you! These are some good tips! I can't stand the craziness that collects - like in your desk area - drives me batty!

  2. I love the photos! Great advice and it's lovely to see it in action in your actual home.

  3. Well, Ms. Kristy "crafty-pants" Fey, you never cease to inspire me. After seeing your post, I pondered on what areas needed some straightening/ organizational help and I knew exactly what I was going to tackle. My craft closet, office shelving, nook (and whoever invented those nooks without adding shelving should be shot) above the closet and my reading pile. Sounds like a lot but they were all tied together. I don't have any before pics because I was like the tazmanian devil and a whirlwind. But thanks for your post. You never cease to inspire me!

  4. You go girl.....make it easy! You know my sore spot right now. But you told me to get rid of stuff. I started & never finished. Soon...soon!!! LaLa


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