Monday, January 16, 2012

Gratitude Journal

Several months ago I pinned an adorable gratitude journal from HERE
More recently my very creative friend Erin
made THIS even more adorable journal. 
 In keeping with my OLW mission...
I made me one to help me "Settle" down.
So here is my mini version.
I keep it on my night stand with a few Project Life Cards
and make myself write a few notes before I pick up my book or kindle.
So far so good. 
I do wish I would have titled it "365 thoughts of gratitude"
as sometimes I write down two thoughts and believe it or not (haha)
sometimes I am too tired to even jot down a few words!
I used this cute little paper clip to hold my place.
I made several little pocket sized journals for a tutorial on my scrappin' blog.
You can read all about it HERE in the No No Room.
Oh, and did I mention they were made from 3 for $1 notebooks.
Some are from gifts and some will find their way into my shop.

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  1. I LOVE it!!!! Great job. I hear ya on sometimes not having a few words to write down. I love all the colors and patterns you used! And all of your layering....I need a tutorial on that! LOL!

  2. They look great. This I have done before but not to this extreme. LaLa

  3. Gosh, those journals are cute!!! They just scream, "Write in me...please!" I, too, am doing a 2012 gratitude journal, thanks to Erin.

  4. Great idea for my kids. Love your cute.


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