Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Family Fun

We have been pretty busy around here lately... that is one thing about fall... there just is not enough of it! Mike is playing "real" soccer. We did soccer tots for about a year and that was great, so we figured he was ready for the real deal.
The practices were hit and miss for us... by that I mean, we did have a few melt downs and misinterpretations on how to play the game. "My friends aren't sharing the ball!" "My friends won't take turns kicking the ball" and my favorite "I am not fast, mommy!" But he did score one of our two goals the first game and his confidence is building.
and if we have to get up early on a Saturday morning, at least we get to watch these cutie pies have fun. Sometimes the parents are laughing more than we are cheering!
I also got some girl time with my sister, Kelly!!
We went to dinner and then got to see Miranda Lambert in concert in Austin! She puts on such a fun girly show... ya gotta love a girl who sings songs that empower women! Plus, who else can were a sequence skirt with boots and a t-shirt!!
Grandma also treated Mike and I to the Mary Poppins show at the Majestic Theater!! It was, what I hope will be, the first of many plays for Mike. He loved it. He ate every snack in my purse and then some, but this was a fantastic play to take a four year old to! and I have to add, it ranked right up there with Wicked and Miss Saigon for me. It was simply magical- I was so moved during Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... that I teared up and got chills! Really, you should go!!


  1. So much fun going on in your world! I love Mike's complaints about soccer. Not that I like him to feel sad, but those are pretty funny. I guess it is a hard thing to learn after SHARE SHARE SHARE! Taking turns is what we DRILL into their heads, after all. Your description of Mary Poppins makes me want to go! I did, LOVE Wicked (all 3 times)!!!

  2. Looks like such a fun week! I bet Mikey is gonna make a great soccer player after he gets over the not sharing part. what a good boy! It means he listened to you mama! :) Glad you got some time with your sis and glad you enjoyed Mary Poppins. I LOVED the movie (mostly because of such great songs).

  3. Thank you for sharing the soccer pictures. He looks so cute. You do love the fall & have been very busy. Wished I could have gone to the musical. LaLa


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