Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Advent

"What on earth do you need all these dang toilet paper rolls for?" Yup, that is what I heard for almost three weeks while my collection was established! I have to give a big shout out and thank you to KENDRA from The Duty Chronicles who has fantastic Christmas advent idea and simple tutorial on her adorable blog. If you remember I made on last year HERE, but it was destroyed in the move and I will add kinds tough to make, so since I had to make a new one I went for Halloween this year I went with Kendra's.
Here is mine!! It hangs on the garage door in our kitchen. NOTE: The numbers were not on it yet as they took a pretty fatal fall from Addy and had to be re-cut... but they are pretty simple to add.
So, I used a glue gun to cover the rolls and the tied them each together with tulle.
One of the big reasons I liked this one is because it will hold more than just candy and two of each thing... one for Addy and one for Mike.
On day one I had a piece of card stock that said "Halloween Pjs" They were a big hit to start the calendar and look loved adorned with several necklaces and a superman cape!
I also stuck in Halloween socks from Targets dollar spot!
Some of their other prizes include, a small flashlight, stamps, stickers, slime, glow sticks, spider rings, fangs, and witch fingers. I also have a paper that says "CUPCAKES" and then I have a pack of Halloween cupcake toppers and sprinkles. And then all the other days have candy in them! 

Let's go make something,


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