Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Will Never Be the Same...

It is October and although I am excited and busy with all the fun crafts, meals, activities, and of course Adelyn's birthday party in the works... this month is also the month that miscarriage haunts me the most. As most of my readers know I lost baby #2 at 12 weeks and baby #3 ( I call her Meagan) at 17 weeks both in the month of October. And although the third October, I gave birth to a very healthy baby girl, after a very healthy pregnancy... It is still sad, lonely, and kind of a lost month for me. The biggest lesson I have learned since my tragic losses is that "I will never be the same... I will never be the girl I was before" and that is not a bad thing! This year a friend of mine, delivered stillborn baby girl and two friends gave birth to babies after miscarriages... I felt like I was there for these girls like not many of their friends could have been. The thing about miscarriage is that all too often it is more like a dirty little secret women do not share or want to talk about and that makes me mad!! Trust me when I say it took me awhile to figure this out... but I am not the only one when feels like this.
The beautiful and intelligent Lisa Ling also suffered the life changing effects of miscarriage and she too, felt like she became a member of a secret society... a member of a club no women ever wants to join or speak about. This led her to start a website for women called "The Secret Society of Woman" where girls can talk freely about miscarriage and anything else.
I have another girlfriend who has HPV, a friend who has a cheating husband, several who have had infertility issues and/ or postpartum depression, a friend who was date raped, a friend who is in AA... all of these beautiful, intelligent girls are who they are... good, bad and ugly. It is so important that we know we are not alone... good bad and ugly we should never feel that are alone in our strife or struggles!! Check out Lisa's interview here and take a second to say a prayer for all the girls in your life who might be struggling with life right now!


  1. Love you, Kristy! Wonderful post! Blessings and peace on you, Adam, and all 4 of your babies. Big hugs!

  2. Oh sister! Wish I was there to give you a great big hug! I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

  3. This is a powerful post, and such a good reminder to know that even though we all have heartbreaks we are not alone. Thank you for sharing this.

    Brie from

  4. I can relate to that pain! I had my first child, then two miscarriages in a row, followed by my second child. It was a very, very hard time, and still affects me. But I also feel so blessed to have the two girls that I have, and find comfort in the fact that my two babies are in the arms of Jesus!

  5. Thank you for sharing something so personal and so important. You are loved, Kristy Fey!


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