Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Roaring Good Time!

Yesterday we hosted a dinosaur play date for our new mommy group! I had so much fun making little things to make the play date feel fun and special.
This is my door banner that I made from a Tip Junkie Printable- cute, huh?
I made the snacks simple... fruit, lemon aid, crackers, pretzels, and dino shape sandwiches!
Mike brought down all his favorite dino toys and books. He even dug out his Halloween costume from last year!
Mike also, helped stuff goody bags. This would be my favorite play date tip... this super simple bag really helps ease the pain of having to leave to go home. So many times Mike and Addy would get upset when the play date was over, but having something fun to open in the car really helps!
I had the bags from another party and added a box of raisins, plastic mini dino, and a laffy taffy! The cute tags came from Tip Junkie, too!
Aside from playing dinosaurs, we also had dinosaur stickers and a t-rex to color.
The good ole Melissa & Doug dino stamps were also, a big hit!
I was really proud of Mike sharing his toys... it him a bit to warm up. At first he had a look but do not touch policy, but after a quick mommy chat he saw the light! This is exactly why I wanted to start hosting play dates... such big lessons in sharing, grace, and building friendships!
Adelyn, also had a blast... she was all over the place trying to help everyone. She was a sweet little hostess.
** A little mommy advice... I found both of my mommy/ playgroups through meetup.com! Please check it out... they have all sorts of groups even single and working mom groups!


  1. Is that Addy in the last pic?? She looks so grown up! Looks like a great play date. Great job on hosting. And thanks for the gift bag tip!

  2. Had the same reaction Erin did...is THAT Addie?!?!?! Looks like a fun day for Mike and all the kids.

  3. Looks DIN-O-MITE!! Bet no one wants to host after you. ;)

  4. Glad it went well. You always do such a good job. Looks like all the kiddos had fun. LaLa


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