Sunday, August 28, 2011

Organic Money Savers and My Menu

We are a 80 to 90% organic house these days. All fruit, dairy and veggies are organic and most of our meats and snacks. Pork, ground turkey, and oreos are still kinda hard to find organic here! A few things I have learned to make up for the price difference is to package our own snacks. I make my own yogurt and applesauce cups.
Sometimes I add fresh fruit...
Sometimes mini- m&ms... too bad they do not have organic m&ms, huh?
Monday: Stuffed Shells (going meatless!)
Tuesday: turkey burgers w/ roasted veggies
Wednesday: cafe rio pork tacos
Thursday: creamy pan chicken
Friday: date night
Saturday: B-day party at the lake
Sunday: Chicken spaghetti

Let's go make something,


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