Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Photo Gallery (In Process)

For over three months, while waiting for the house to be built... I would fall asleep at night thinking about my gallery wall. After doing my research (blog stalking) I was surprised at how many gallery walls I did not like, but then how many I loved. Thus, mine is still a work in progress. I got the canvas from a groupon... love it... worth every penny... but would never pay full price! Mine was $40 for a 16x20 from Canvas On Demand.
All of my frames came from Hobby Lobby when they were %50 off. Because this was a big vocal point in the house I did not want to spray paint old frames... but that would have totally worked and as the wall grows. And that pretty "Home" art was a gift from my friend Erin... it was a perfect fit! (Thanks Erin!)
The empty frame is going to have a "F" inside. The two "Fs" I had were too big... So I am on the hunt! I may have to make a vinyl one with my handy ole Cricut.
I made these two canvases. They were inspired by THESE from the Urban Soul line at Day Springs. They do not sell anymore... but don't worry I took pictures along the way and will post them soon! (The tutorial post is HERE)
Not part of my gallery wall but by far one of my favorite buys for the new house is this lamp. It was a gift from my Aunt Loretta and cousin Michelle! (Thanks!) It is from Lowes and I could not have designed a better lamp of my taste than this.... plus she has a sister...
Who proudly hangs over out kitchen table!! They have a step sister who is a table lamp, but she doesn't live here! Because that make them an obsession- right?
Okay off to be productive... work in the scrap room? or recover those pillows? hmmmm...

Let's go make something,


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