Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Canvas Wall Quote Tutorial

I kinda wanted to call this subway art, but not sure it fits exactly that title. However, you could surely make it more "subway-ish" ...or do many different things with this technique for that matter. My inspiration came from Urban Soul.
The song of Ruth is very special to Adam and I. We used in our wedding vows weeks before he left for Afghanistan and he even have in engraved on his wedding band. Even now, after the long move we have endured it still remains a sort of mantra for our family.
So, what you need is a canvas or two (mine were 12x12) a ruler, pencil, vinyl, and good scissors or a cricut, and two paint colors. First, paint and prime the canvas with the color you want your words to be (mine are cream). Next, either trace and cut your words or use your die-cut machine to cut words from vinyl (or contact paper it is cheaper!). You could also use stickers. (mine was a combo of the first two). HINT: It really helped that I was almost exactly copying the already made print. You may want to find something to copy to save on time!
Use a ruler to mark straight lines. You will paint over the so do not worry if they don't erase! Go over the words with a bone folder or a credit card to press down the words smooth and firm.
Paint a good thick coat of your background color right over the words and the edges of your canvas.
Do not let dry completely... just let it get tacky not wet and lift your letters up. HINT: tweezers worked well as my fingers caused a little smudging! Now, let it dry completely and hang it up.
After hanging mine up, I decided to go back and distress it a bit with black ink and some sandpaper. This project did cost more then I expected at $26. I bought nice quality canvases from Hob Lob and used an entire package of vinyl, but I was thrilled with the results and am currently working on a playroom and laundry room version!
If you wanna see my gallery wall in process check it out HERE!

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