Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Formal Livingroom: Phase 2

Making a house into a home is so much harder than I ever gave it credit for. We have been here in for six weeks... sometimes it seems like forever and sometimes it seems like yesterday. Every room is up and going and somewhat comfortably decorated... That is why I call this Phase 2- It is more than livable, but not yet done! Our formal living room is important to us, this go around because after reflecting about our old house, we both agree that we did not open our home up enough to friends and neighbors. In this house we want to use all the time! I am looking forward to dinners with the neighbors, friends, and family PLUS, date nights after the kids go to bed!
I was hoping to get a warm kinda wine cellar look in here, so we went with a warm green color and hope to add a wood crown molding (in phase 4)
I found this Pottery Barn look alike at The Home Depot for $150. This one is not meant to hang over a table, but that means nothing to me! For dramatic effect, we set a dimmer on it- so those candles really can look like candle light! We bought the matching entry way fixture, too.
The buffet in the back was (in phase1) located in our entry way, but we swapped it out with the buffet that matches our table... that was Adam's idea (wow)
This is one of my most cherished possessions... my Nana's china and her china cabinet. The picture over the cabinet was hers, too. My dad bought it for her at a flea market for a couple of dollars. It is amazing how sentimental it is for me and now my family.
I have ordered burlap curtains from Pottery Barn that remind me of these chairs. Those should be here on Tuesday, which will complete Phase 3!
Here is my sore spot- this arch. I like it as far as adding to the room, but painting it was a booger! Do I do green or the brown (that looks gold in pics). I am still not confident in my choice of going brown, but I will stick to it for awhile.
We moved the corner chairs later that night and then happy with our job well done started using the new room. We had a much deserved glass of... water and Adelyn put on a dance show (to be posted later!)
Here is a shot with the chair moved!
Hmmm... gives it a tad more room!
Here is a sneak peek of our entry way, also in Phase 2!
So our front door is here to the right and then the dining room is across from it.
What a great working weekend! I feel accomplished! As we were going to bed Adam said, "It is really starting to feel like home!" The wife and mommy in me felt great hearing that!
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