Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Mother's Day Silhouettes

Like I said I am really into silhouettes right now!
I made this wall plaque for my very best friend (Jen) for mother's day...
and she would be so proud to know I made for less that $2! The wooden plaque came from Michael's for .99 cents!
and the paper I had, as wells as my jar of good ole Modge Podge.
Here is the world's easiest paper flower
with a little tulle and a button makes it a bit more girly.
See told ya... .99 cents!
and check out my recycled picture hook!
The pop top from a Diet Coke can,
with a dab of hot glue does the trick.
And yes, it HAS to be DIET (wink).
Here is a more traditional silhouette
I made for Nana Sue (Jen's mom).
This plaque was $1 from the The Dollar Tree.
So now, I need to settle on some color choices
for our new house, so I can make two just for me!

Let's go make something,


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