Thursday, February 10, 2011

V-Day Cards With My Kids

We made our Valentine cards yesterday. This was Adelyn's first experience with one of mommy favorite things... stamping! See her face? She licked the stamp pad like a Bomb Pop in July before we even got started. But then, she got the hang of it and visions of mommy and me scrappin' filled my head! Wait! No licking OR eating mommy's stamps!
We stamped our background paper. I had lots of heart stamps to choose from!
Very busy and serious work...
Mike wanted his "Perfect" and had a pretty big list of who he was going to send them, too.
Addy's objective however, was to see how much ink she could spread around the house!
Then we added out doilies.
My favorite picture because it looks like they are working together, but in real life it was not so. Addy was grabbing and crinkling them... Mike was begging her to stop-lol. But us Fey girls have to touch and do it all ourselves!
Now to get them in the mail for the big day!

Let's go make something,


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