Friday, February 4, 2011

San Antiono Snow?

For days we listened, watched, and read about everyone up in DFW getting to stay home and have their snow days. Just when we thought we would never get to see it again... we woke up to... well, San Antonio's spin on "snow".
The kids raced outside in their modge-podge of winter clothes... all the warm stuff in still in storage!
Mike was thrilled and happy have what little bit we got. Adelyn liked it for ten minutes, until she fell down twice and had had enough!
We did not have enough for a snowman or even a snowball, but we found a stick and did some snow writing.
We thought we would check out the big hill and maybe try a little Texas sledding in a box...
Not even close to thick enough, but it was... as Mikey says, "Booo- toful"
What a fun memory... our first San Antonio snow!

Let's go make something,


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