Thursday, December 23, 2010

Play Make Up

Thought I would share this fun gift idea for little girls... even though it is a little late for this year... it is a fun rainy day thing to do, too. My niece loves make-up... like her mommy. So I made this real-ish play makeup for her!
I bought a few eyeshadows, a blush, and a powder compact at the dollar store, along with a few bottles of nail polish.
I scraped the real make-up out... ya, that really was as fun as it sounds... then filled the empty spaces with nail polish.
Looks real, huh? I left it one the bathroom counter to dry and Adam picked it up and put it in my make-up bag-ha! Fooled him!
I also added a few other things every girl needs in her pink glitter dollar store make-up bag!

Let's go make something,


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