Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Fun For Kids

The kids and I have been having a little Halloween fun on the cheap these days. I made them a little book with all of our favorite songs, poems, and finger plays. I bought the book in Target's dollar section and added some glitter and stamps to the cover. Then, I printed the songs and poems from the net and added clip artor stickers.
Most of the poems came from Kid N Kaboodle... because this lady had all the good ones!
It took me three nap times to make it... I did not over think it at all, just cut and glued! I tried to get Mikey to help me, but he was not into the making of the book, just the reading!
In the classroom I did this on index cards and ringed them together- so that would work or I am thinking for Christmas I will use one of those cheap little plastic photo albums.
While looking for the poems I stumbled on the best kids printable website called Billy Bear 4 Kids. I made several games and color sheets. Like memory, mazes, counting books, and dominos. Plus, they have a Frankenstein paper doll printable, pumpkin necklace, and puppets!
At the scrapbook convention, I bought this sheet of paper dolls made by Memory Markers. You can... of course get it from Two Peas HERE. It is not finished and I bet it won't be until next year, but my plans are to make it magnetic with a cookie sheet.
Mike's favorite is the counting book game... I think he is gonna be a 'mathie'. I just assumed both of my kids, because of my passion would be 'launguage lovers' but this kids is really good with numbers and puzzles.

Let's go make something,


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