Sunday, August 1, 2010

What We're Reading

I always like to hear what my friends are reading and this summer The Fey's have been reading a lot! I am currently reading Belong To Me by Marisa de los Santos. So far so good... it is about a woman who makes a big move to the suburbs and has some regret... hmmm... maybe that's why I like. I finished this one a few weeks back. It is a trilogy and everyone seems to love it, but it was really slow for me, but I liked the ending. I bought the second one when I bought the first, but have not started it yet... so has anyone read these? Should I keep going with the series? Anyone want me to mail them this first one?
Adam and I are both reading Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. We hope it will help make the transition from two nice paychecks down to one... without stressing Adam out and making me feel guilty. Our biggest challenge is letting go of our debit cards... we do not use credit so that was easy, but man I miss my debit card!
Just in case anyone cares... Adam is currently reading Clive Cussler (yawn). It is a best seller and Adam is not the voracious reader I am , so if it is fiction that keeps his attention it must be a good one!
The kids and I have been reading lots of books this summer with the local library summer reading program. This book, The Bridge is Up! has been a big hit. It has every vehicle boys love, plus animals, and it is repetitive so my little emergent reader wants to hear it over and over...and over!
When Mike was a baby he liked the peek-a-boo flap books the best. We have worn several out completely, but Adelyn seems to prefer the books with real faces on them. She squeals and kicks her feet like a crazy woman. Smile! is the book she earned in the reading program. I don't think I would have ever bought this book, but now I will buy it for baby gifts for sure. (PS. Doesn't this cover just scream scrapbook inspiration)
So what is your family reading these days?

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