Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mad Scissor Skills

My very first year of teaching, I taught Pre-K. And the very first week I learned a big lesson... kids don't know how to use scissors! I had to stop and think how exactly to teach this skill I had taken for granted. And every year, no matter what grade I taught, we always went back and reviewed cutting skills. So Mike is three and wanted to cut... I found a cheap pair of scissors at the dollar store (although I highly recommend the rounded "Total Control" Fiskars brand of scissors like these) and we started our cutting lesson.First, I taught him my scissor song... because it helps with safety...
The Scissors Song
(tune of Row Your Boat)
Cut, cut, cut your paper.
Cut it on the line.
Don't cut you pants,
Your shirt,
Or hair.
Just cut it on the line.
Then, we try to hold the scissors correctly. Thumb in the small hole, pointer finger out to guide, two fingers in the big hole, and the pinkie is the tail. Now, let's make confetti!
Next, is snipping. We can snip paper to make cool things.
And last... let's cut on the line. This one takes practice!
Soon he will be ready for bigger projects and his future kindergarten teacher is gonna LOVE me!
PS. Tongue sticking out of the mouth no necessary for precise cutting!

Let's go make something,


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