Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Back!

I am not sure what is worse moving a family of four into our in laws house or suffering from bloggy withdraw? Needless to say things are looking up for us and bottom line (as you can see) my kids are happy little people! A quick update... Addy is 9 months today! She has two teeth and the strangest belly flop- elephant walk kinda crawl, but let me tell ya she works it! Mike has become quite the little fish... he goes under water, blows bubbles, kicks, and moves his arms... and we have not even started our swim lessons... he learned all that from a dog named 'Bossy' who also loves to swim! Adam LOVES his new job and seems to be more relaxed than ever. I can't keep him off the jet ski. Me? Well, I can't lie it has been really tough, but I have been cropping at a local scrap store, found a mommy group, and discovered Dave Ramsey. I still have to hone in onmy inner Pioneer Woman or call my mom for a pep talk, but I think this move is gonna work! (oh, and I have lost nine pounds!) Ok, now for a few projects I have done this past month aka my therapy sessions... 4th of July festive wear! Mikey got his usual appliqued t-shirt. This is the only picture of him because he was less than impressed with fire works.... I don't get it? We are currently checking out Christmas DVDs and just made a construction paper pumpkin, but fire works mean nothing??
Addy however, was Miss July all over. She stayed up late to watch everything and everyone and looked darn cute doing it!
Here is the front of her onesie. If you have not made a fabric yo-yo... promise me you will. They are so fun and simple. Check out this tutorial from a home town friend on her ever creative photography blog... Heart Spun Imagery.
And the back... my favorite! Her ruffle rump! Maybe I will do my own tutorial on this... I kinda just made it up as I went!
And since Addy is all over the place these days and it is too hot for real pants... I did it... I made her the ever bloggy favorite... baby legs!
Girls, I made three pair in thirty minutes and if you don't sew you can very easily do these by hand... check out this tutorial HERE.
I will add that I paid between $3.99 and $2.99 for my knee high socks... but they are still way cheaper than the real BabyLegs!
Go on girls... make something... you will feel better... trust me!

Let's go make something,


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