Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest Blogger...

Hi gals, I am Addy, a future blogger. I thought I would test out the bloggy waters while mom packs for our big move.
See... she has been busy! The good news is that these are the boxes headed to garage sale. Hmmm.... maybe mom will sell enough junk to by a new fancy sewing machine to make me cute things or a cool camera to take even more pictures of me.
My brother has been a little attention starved these days, so he will try anything for a laugh.
He has also had too much time on his hands and developed yet another addiction... bugs!
He could collect June Bugs all day and night!
We have squeezed in some pretty fun play time, too. We went to a splash pad with all our friends.
Pic-nics are a favorite past time for me these days! The next best thing to eating is watching others eat... right?
Am I cute or what? I mean really, how many of you can wear a swim suit with ears and pull it off?
Our friend Emily turned the big 2 and threw a killer party. She wore the cutest outfit and served the best snacks!
Everyone got to hold lots of lady bugs... Mike was beyond thrilled.
I do mean... LOTS of lady bugs!
Lastly, me and my brother have been cruising the neighbor good in our red convertible. This makes me so happy!
Guess, I better get a diaper change and take my morning nap- love to you all! ~Addy

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