Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Birthday Train

Mike turned three on the 27th and we had a fun Train Birthday Party! The party was in Austin, so we only had family attend... thus the hand made invites. I only made 10... they were simple to make, but a little time consuming.
Here is the birthday boy's shirt. Not sure who liked it more me or Mikey!
I really liked the back. My mom got a great photo of him from behind sitting on the track, but it was blurry when I up loaded it- boo!
Shirts for the big cousins!
Bibs for the little ones!
Party favors... yogurt raisins, fruit snacks, Thomas stickers, and of course Thomas bubbles!
Cute tags, huh? I made them with the Cricut and a Martha punch!
Center pieces to show how my birthday boy has grown!
Another fun centerpiece- that could makes a great keepsake, too.
Even Daddy helped make favors... with mommy's supervision.
My sister got to the park early to stake or claim... I big shady tree, pic nic table, and the best view of the playground and train!
Confession... I had every intention of making a felt birthday banner, but when I found this on at Hob Lob and had my 50% off coupon it was... $5!!
We went super simple this year on food... deli sandwiches, chips, fruit kabobs, and drinks!
We laid a big quilt under tree for the babies and presents!
My boys waiting for family to show up so we could ride the train!
When I was free and single in Austin, I liked Zilker park, but now that I have kids... I LOVE it! Especially with a train lover in the family!
The train runs right through the play scape!
Mike was able to walk on the tracks... a dream of his ya know? And the tunnel was a big hit!
The kids also liked playing in the giant music area and we did loose a kid to the big sand box.
But, by far the best part was the train ride!
All aboard! All the party guests rode with us!
My mother-in-law made the cake to match the invites. (Adam had a very similar cake at his train party when he was 4)
The kids were ready to eat cake!
Mike's face was so cute as we all sang Happy Birthday... It was then he realized it was HIS birthday and we were all singing for him!
Presents were super fun this year, too! I wish I could post the video of him opening his gifts- so cute!
Here is is with his bug box- seems to still be the stand out present a week later!
And this picture of Ryan sums it up pretty well... "That was fun, can we go home and nap now?"

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