Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Highs and Lows

Daddy's High: "Green Beer on Wednesday. CHEERS!" Daddy's Low: "Green Beer headache on Thursday. I am no spring chicken anymore" Mommy's High: "Scrap booking 'till 2 in the morning on Tuesday- wow! Haven't done that since I was newly married and Adam was in Afghanistan." Mommy's Low:"Addy (who has slept through the night since almost forever) woke up hungry at 3 in the morning- boo!"
Mike's High: "Look mama poop" (Yes, he spotted white petrified doggie poop at the park and fell in love a little.)
Mike's Low: "Take poop home... PLEEEEEZE, mama!"
Addy's High: "Red heads look so cute in green!"
Addy's Low: "All this green and they still pinch my cheeks!"

Let's go make something,


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