Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Best Healthy Desert Ever!

As apart of our family food lifestyle change we are still making sure our sweet tooth is happy! So one of Michael Pollan's Food Rules is ... Do Not Eat Anything Your Great Grandmother Would Not Recognize as Food. He gave the example of Gogurt... ya know the yogurt in a tube. He also went on to talk about the Fat Free Yogurts are full of extra sugar and suggests to make your own.... so here is my version. I call it:
Real Berry Yogurt
Your Great Grandmother Would Love
(It is yummier than it is easy!)
A couple of scoops of Organic Vanilla Yogurt
Swirled with berry (or any fruit) Puree
Note: We like the Whole Foods brand of yogurt best and I use the frozen organic mixed berries.
Mikes response: "More ice cream ,peas mama." Adam's response: "I will never be able to eat Yoplait again!" My response: "What other fruit can I mix in... oh, granola would be great on top!"


  1. Granola on top - definitely. Do y'all like peaches? There are always strawberries and blueberries too.


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