Friday, January 1, 2010

How To Make a Resolution You Are Sure To Keep

Happy 2010!

Let me start the post by saying how weird 2010 sounds... seems like we should have flying cars and space suits... or at least cured cancer or achieved world peace by now... geeze!

So as a New Years baby I have been known to take this holiday pretty serious... party like a rock star the night before and clean the inside and out on the first for a fresh start. I have done a little research on New Years Resolutions and how to keep them for life. Because I have been told I am the only person who has a record of keeping my resolutions I thought I would share my knowledge (wink wink).

First, pick your ONE resolution carefully. Avoid resolutions that take too long to achieve or are too big to even last the first week. For example, loose weight, quit smoking, fall in love, travel to Europe... these type of resolutions will only set you up to fail. Instead think about one small thing that will make a difference in your every day life. For example, my very first successful resolution was to make my bed. It is a small chore that requires no help, materials, money, and there is no wagon to fall off. Making my bed made me feel like my room was clean and I love crawling into a made bed.

Next, make a plan. Think of exactly how you will execute your resolution. One of my other successful resolutions was to always have a book of stamps. So I found out where to order them on line, always buy two books at a time, and keep some at work and some at home- this way if I run out in one place I can pick some up from the Post Office on the way to the other place. I know it sounds like a stupid resolution, but do you know how nice it is to never run out stamps for bills and birthday cards that have to be sent on a time line!

Last, advertise your resolution. Tell everyone what you are trying to achieve. Good ole accountability! Plus, people are less likely to sabotage your goal if they know what it is! Another one of my resolutions, was not to save my "good"perfume, candles, undies, and lotions for special occasions... I was pretty bad about this at one point in my life and after I read one of those email chain letters about a husband whose wife died and he had to clean out all the stuff she never got to use , I was so sad I changed my ways. As soon as I get a candle I burn it. I bought a pumpkin candle in early October. I put it up to save it for later and Adam pulled it down and used it- ugh I almost slipped- thanks honey!

A few other resolutions I have kept include... flossing every day, cleaning out the trash in my car when I pump gas (although I don't pump gas very often so my car doesn't look like I do), throwing out stained clothes no matter how much I liked them. See, these seem so stupid, but they make my life easier in a small way.

Fey Family Resolutions for 2010.... I would love to loose weight, but that's too big of a resolution, so I vow to drink more water. My plan is to drink a full cup as soon as I wake up and one before I go to bed. Plus, I will invest in a cute water bottle that will be fun to carry and when my friends see it is full they can call me out! Lets see for Adam... he will write me love letters every day- ha! That would never last, but he can learn to use his new fly rod. His plan will be to get lessons and practice casting in the yard. I can help by turning off the tv and taking the kids out to watch him!
Mike's goal can be no more melt downs- yea right he is two for six more months after all... how about pooping in the potty. I can help by cheering him on and making him sit every thirty minutes... hmmm... I will also seek any advice on potty training that might help!
Addy Bear... I hope your goal is to sleep through the night very very soon, but since I know that one will come someday... how about keeping those bows on your head! I can help by making the cutest bows ever for you and letting you wear them even if we are just hanging around the house! So what is your resolution for 2010?


  1. i am going to count my blessings instead of worrying about what could have been. one of those blessings is you and your sweet family. another is reading your blog everyday. you are very special.
    aunt h

  2. That's awesome! Totally achievable goals. I'll have to think about one and get back to you. I've never been one to resolve to do anything without a plan, so I'll get busy. I really just want to be healthier, now how to do that since I'm not much of a fruit or veggie girl. I think Sophia got her taste buds from me.

  3. I've never seen you make a bed!

    Love Dad

  4. I have, you go girl. It's you Dad that has never made a bed. He doesn't believe in it. "we are just going to get back in it".

    I like the way you suggest doing reasonable things. I never have been much in making solutions. I just want to be positive, make good choices,stay healthy & love my life. Is this too much?


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