Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I turn 35... and maybe because we have had such an eventful 2009 or maybe because of my sleep deprivation coupled with my out-a-whack hormones, I have come to realize that this is a really big milestone! I have been thinking about it all week and last night at 1 am as I sat on the floor in Mike's room watching him fall back to sleep and rocking Adelyn in my arms- worn out, exhausted, and a little miffed at my snoring husband- I found myself teary eyed, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. So today in honor of my birthday... here are 35 reasons it is good to be me... in totally random order because that is the only way I think these days!
1. I am a child of God... and oh, does he love me so!
2. My husband... I waited 27 years to find him and he was worth the wait... plus he does laundry!
3. My kids... They are adorable and of course I love them, but even better, I like hanging out with them.
4. My killer scrapbook room... not only do I get a whole room to my self, but it is full of fun stuff!
5. My eyes... I was once told by a five year old boy that my eyes were pretty because they "sparkled like the ocean" and they are a part of me that will never get fat!
6. My cooking skills... I am no chef by any means, but I have a knack for finding great recipes, tweaking them just right, and feeding them to a family loves to eat.
7. My job... sure this one is a love hate, but if you have to have one I would choose mine. It's challenging, rewarding, and I get 189 days off a year!
8. My car... my little blue Vue is no Town and Country mini van, but it is paid for, it runs, and holds two car seats, a double stroller, and a dog.
9. My childhood... it was as close to perfect as they come and nothing that requires therapy today. (thanks mom and dad)
10. My friends... I may not a lot of these, but the few I have are really, really good ones. 11. My house... sure it looks like all the others in the neighborhood, but when I open the door I am home. 12. My sister... not only is she my best friend, an inspiration, and always there for me, but she is also a hairstylist- how lucky am I?
13. My patience... after all it is a virtue!
14. My DVR... life is too short to watch commercials.
15. My pets... this is another love/ hate relationship, they are always in the way, they're an extra thing on my to-do list, and hard on my carpet, but they love me no matter what I do- or forget to do. 16. My horrible ability to lie... this has kept me out of so much trouble.
17. My mattress... it is a Temperpedic!! Adam and I have an agreement, if the house burns down and the kids are safe, we go back in for our mattress!
18. My skin... I tan easily, gained 60 pounds with Mike w/o stretch marks, and I am not hairy.
19. My engagement ring... it's big, beautiful, and HE picked ME!
20. My debt... aside from the house and hospital bills for Addy...we have none and it feels good!
21. My books... I have the best collection of books... not just scrapbooks, but children's books, professional books, cook books, girly fiction, and even lots of non fiction.
22. My blog... it is fun, I learn something new guilty pleasure.
23.My amune system... it is made of steel. Once all 22 of my students caught a stomach bug, but not me. It also seems to repel lice, poison ivy, and broken bones! 24. My extended family... cheesy as it seems...I have the best grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!
25. My miscarriages... I am still working on this one, but I discovered I am stronger than I ever knew.
26. My sense of humor... I am hysterical in real life, well Mike thinks so.
27. My location... I am 5 minutes from the mall, no where close to fast food, you can see the city sky line from my yard, you can hear the train go by, and walk to feed the ducks.
28. My in-laws... of all the crazy in- laws in the world I got pretty darn lucky.
29. My dreams... I dream every night and can remember what I dream. Sometimes they are even premonitions... cool huh?
30. My luck... I always win door prizes at work, the only time I gambled I spent $20 and came home with $500, and once I won a karaoke contest (that HAD to be luck)
31. My maid... not only do I have one, but she is fantastic and gives me more time with my family.
32. My weight... it's my "thing" It is my battle and I may never win it, but of all the things to battle in life, it is not that bad. It is also in for a good fight this year!
33. My joy... I find so much joy is little things like, when the new Pottery Barn catalog comes, clean sheets that have just a hint of bleach smell, a diet coke from the QT, the coffee maker going on while I am still in bed, brand new sharpies to write with, my back porch... I can go on and on...
34. My name... not just Kristy... I like the way it sounds and looks on paper, but Kristina, Babe, and mommy are really nice, too!
35. My age... I am not 40 yet, but I won't have to be 25 again, either!
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  1. Cheers! Here's to another great year for you!

  2. I loved reading your 35 reasons, and I totally agree with ARE hilarious in real life! Cheers to you! Happy birthday!

  3. Cheers! SOme of those brought tears to my eyes (could be my hormones too ;) I hope you had a happy, happy, happy birthday!

    Oh and here's another one- your birthday! How lucky are you to have the whole world celebrating on your birthday!

  4. Great post! Happy Birthday - it truly is a new year for you... that is so awesome!

  5. you are awsome, funny, smart, creative, a good wife, a good mom and a good niece. a lot of people love you, including me.
    aunt h

  6. That was a wonderful post, and so fun to read! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! (it looks like you did!)

  7. Oh - and I want to see a picture of that scrapbook room! Will you make that an upcoming post please??!!

  8. WOW, what a post. It took me to tears. You are an awesome daught & loved by many. So glad you made your birthday positive. You were not looking forward to this one. Plus trying to make me feel old!!! Luv ya Mom

  9. Yipee new pot & pans. Way to go Adam!!!! I am serious.

  10. Thanks girls! It felt really good to think of all those things... I really challenge you to try it.


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