Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa "Coppee" Mama!

Hot Chocolate and Cookies in Mike's Special Mug I found this mug at an antique store around the corner for $1.
I bought two and wish I would have bought all four
because Mike was beyond thrilled.

He was also thrilled to be drinking "Coppee"

like mommy and daddy. (That's Mike slang for coffee)

Adding the whipped cream almost sent him over the edge with happiness.

And a Christmas brownie, too! This kid is really going to get the magic of Christmas this year!

But in the end he went for the comfort of his
usual milk in a sippy cup.
Ps. Note for next year... do this before the bath because
high contents of sugar make for a rough bed time.
PPs. Mike's first words this morning... "Santa Coppee Mama!"
It sure is fun to share a cup of morning coppee with your son!


  1. Ahhh - how sweet! :) I love starting new traditions and making the holidays special. I'll bet he'll look forward to that Santa mug for years to come!

  2. So cute! I agree with Laura, that mug will always make him smile. Go get the other two and save all 4 for the grandbabies!

  3. This is too cute. This is the perfect age for Christmas MAGIC!! Sooo glad you are at home to enjoy all of this. Take it all in because reality comes with the new year. Love you most!

  4. Too sweet! I love it. I think we had that same Santa mug when I was growing up!


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