Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Fun With Mommy!

Yesterday, Mike stayed home with us so we could do a few Holiday activities before we ran out of time (and energy). We started with car painting. It is something I did with my kids when I taught and lots of fun... after all it is paint and
Hot Wheels and freedom to make a mess! I have big plans for Mike's beautiful card stock! Adelyn was very busy too... visions of sugar plums I'm sure! Next we used some of my old classroom stuff to decorate Mike's room. The word decorate is subjective, ya know? It did require a hammer and a step ladder. He was very proud of his work. However, the lights had to be unplugged about an hour after he was "sleeping" because he needed to make some repairs... ya should have seen his face when we walked in. I am sure he had no idea that we could hear the hammering throughout the whole house.
After nap we did some Christmas Play Dough!
He is getting really good at it and not one time did he try to eat it!
Yay- it's another milestone hit!
These old cookie cutters made for a great little
lesson on big and little.
His favorite being the gingerbread daddy
and the gingerbread Mikey.
It was a really fun day- but WOW!
It was hard to keep up with him
and make sure Adelyn was happy, too.
Cheers to all you single and stay at home moms of two!
Adam had to take the 3:00 am feeding for me I was beat!


  1. Isn't she precious! I know exactly what you mean about having to keep up with two! My biggest problem with having both Jane and Jill at home with me when Jill was a newborn was that they had some kind of conspiracy that as soon as one fell asleep the other one would wake up.

  2. I want to play too!!! Or maybe a nap of sweet dreams holding Adelyn is what LaLa needs.

  3. I'm so impressed that you did so much - especially with a newborn at home! You are doing such a great job!

  4. I am cracking up about his repairs during nap. That is so awesome. Looks like a fun day all around.

  5. love what mikey did with his room. his making repairs when he was supposed to be asleep made me laugh. you amaze me with your fun activities every day. i wish i was your little girl.
    aunt h

  6. Love the painting with his cars and Adelyn looks so cute asleep.


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