Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh yay, My Son is In The Band!!

Last night was Mike's Christmas program at daycare. As some of you may be able to imagine I was thrilled to death! My own flesh and blood on stage! He had been singing and showing of such great dance moves all week at home... I was beside myself with excitement for him... okay, me! So he gets all dressed up and we get to the church and drop him off. I make myself comfy on the very front row and get my cameras organized- the still and video. Adam and I look at the program guide and we don't see Mikes class listed hmmm... maybe it is a type-o or perhaps they bumped him up to the three year olds part (six months early?)... oh, I am so sure that is what it is! They saw his talent and advanced him! It is about to start... My cameras are both ready... and they introduce the band...
THE JINGLE BELL BAND! No dancing or singing,
but he did play the heck out of those jingle bells!
My little rock star!
The program was a big hit and all this kids were so cute-
they included every kid- even the infants!
Mike had the cutest groupie...
... and the proudest pop.
Towards the end he was ready for his bath and cookie.
But, the show must go on!
We are giving away autographs... this year only!
Next year, they will cost ya!


  1. please send me a free autograph. he was a star, i am sure, and i want to be able to say i knew him when...". too cute - both of them and mom and dad too!
    aunt h

  2. That is pretty funny. He has one adorable groupie too. These are the delights of having kids. SO fun!

  3. How adorable! Maybe next year he'll be able to try out for Joseph?

  4. I bet he was the best jingle bell ringer there was!!! And yes, his groupie was the cutest in the crowd! Congratulations on hitting it big. I can't wait to see him on the big screen!


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