Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Cheap and Easy.... With Gift Wrap

I take so much pride in wrapping my gifts. Pretty packages tied with festive bows make me just as happy as what is inside! Here are a few tips that make my wrapping festive, frugal, and earth friendly... 1. Tulle: I use tulle instead of ribbon because it is so much cheaper and a little goes a long way. You can get on a spool or by the yard. There are so many different colors and the fullness of the tulle is really eye catching! 2. Cloth Bags: My mom and I have been trading the little holly Bath and Body Works bag back and forth for a few years now. And I don't think Adam has caught on, but every year he gets something in the felt Santa bag from the dollar store. I just make sure whoever receives the cloth bags will reuse it! Some of those Hallmark gift bags are $5- so ya save every year when you reuse the cloth ones.
3. Tags: I make my own tags with a punch or my Circut. You can use scrap paper and some stickers- so easy and Mike is into putting on the stickers!
4. Tape: I invested into this new Scotch Tape Pop-Up dispenser... LOVE IT! You wear on your wrist so you are not constantly lifting up your body and all that paper searching for the darn tape. I bought a refill pack, thinking that would be the catch- not enough tape, but I wrapped all my packages without having to reload! So now if they would make scissors the wear around my neck I will be set!
5. $1 Bags: I know it is more fun to get the fancy bags with glittered Santa or a Die-cut Tree, but skip them and go for the cheap bags. Use one sheet of cute tissue paper (solid white on the inside- it is cheaper) and let your kids add the stickers or draw that cute Santa!
I would love to hear your wrapping ideas- What Works for you While Wrapping?


  1. Great ideas! Hey when are you going to do a tutorial on those cute pendant you made? They would make great stocking stuffers.

  2. I don't really have any good wrapping ideas...I'm very uncreative when it comes to that. Usually because I do it very last minute...usually when we are walking out the door to that person's house! I did buy the pop up tape for my kid's stockings this year - they love to play with tape but have a hard time ripping it.
    BTW - did you see Sister Stuff featured your clips on Dec. 14th?? Congrats!

  3. You have always enjoyed wrapping gifts. Remember helping Nana & then wrapping Nana's gift from PopPop. MEMORIES!!!

    Maybe I will start my this weekend??????

  4. You should try that scissor stick thingy. It runs in a straight line. I got one last year and LOVE it!!

  5. Scissor stick thingy? What is that? tell me more? i want one!!

  6. Look, look! Pops has a present! Pops has a present!



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