Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is Christmas Fun or What?

Mike's wildest dreams came true on Saturday... Oh, Joy!
We are going on a train AND gonna find Santa!
Woo! Hoo!
Tickets, tickets please! Addy is all dressed up for her first trip down town. My train! My train!
All Aboard! (We are still shouting this)
Now where is Santa?
On a milk and cookie break?
Waiting for Santa.
This is close enough big guy!
Ummm, if you insist, Claus. (Mike calls him Clause this year...last year he was HoHoHo) Friday night was pretty fun, too. We went to see Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie. (Thanks for the idea Joanne!)
What is better than Christmas lights? Getting to drive with daddy!
Adelyn was not sure about brother's driving.
Adam says Mike drives like mommy... easily distracted.
Next year we hope to walk the trail and ride a few rides.
How great is that Christmas comes back every year!


  1. riing the train, seeing santa, driving, christmas lights!!!!! that's almost too much for a boy to take in. what a wonderful day for the whole family!
    aunt h

  2. What a busy weekend!!! Michael is a blessed little boy for his parents to do so much for him. Wish I was there for every minute. My parents used to take me to downtown Chicago to see Santa. MEMORIES!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are memories he will always treasure... especially if they are family traditions since this is a hard age to remember. ;) Looks like a ton of fun. Y'all are adding too many things to my to-do list! But, I LOVE IT!

  4. I've never seen Santa downtown before. It looks really cool and Mike seemed to enjoy ir. And how cool...riding the train in. Were the lines very long at Santa?

  5. Where was the train? Downtown Dallas or Fort Worth? What a fun weekend!!!! Mike was so brave around Santa!!!! Jane was freaking out at his age. And I love Adelyn all dressed up!! SO precious! Glad you guys checked out the Prairie lights- looks like Mike had some fun driving.


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