Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home for the Hoildays

I LOVE decorating for the Holidays. It is in my blood... my Nana and my mom would both take down everything from the shelves and walls and put up Christmas stuff. This year my goal was to spend as little as possible and make it kid friendly for Mike so he wouldn't keep finding himself on the naughty list! I am starting with my mantel because it is my very favorite this year. This is in our family room where we spend most of our time, so I went for the whimsical, fun side of Christmas in here.
I replaced two of the photos from over the mantel with scrapbook paper and snow flakes cut from the Circut.
More vinyl letters and a burlap garland I made and fell madly in love with. I already have plans for one that can stay up all year. I just adore this look. The 'ribbon' is really scrap fabric and one of Adam's old plaid shirts.
I covered my live Poinsettias with burlap and a ribbon. The best part is there is no glue so I can use this year after year.
Here is "my tree"... that is what Adam calls it because it is artificial and I am sorta picky about how it goes up. It is on it's last leg and will be replace for next year, but it sure makes me happy! It is in the formal living room so things are a little more traditional in here.
After my grand mother passed we all inherited a few of her nutcrackers.
Would you believe this only my share of them? They are so beautiful and hold such fond memories.
I made this frame and displayed pictures of Mike's Christmases so far. I am also planning on making a small scrapbook of just our family Christmas cards.
The real reason for Christmas! We bought a live wreath from Lowe's (I think it was only like $25) I used the Cricut to make vinyl letters and snowflakes.
One of my favorite possessions... my Willow Tree naivety. I set it out on the cut branches of our "real tree". But did you know that you can get all the cut greenery from Lowe's for free?
Our formal dining room table is decorated as cheaply as possible, but still looks lovely to me.
Our kitchen table still gets decorated, even though it is highly abused in our house. We eat every meal here and do all our crafts, bills, and games here. I like to have candles or flowers, I think it helps us all slow down our meals and remember our manners.
This year we have a "real tree", also know as "Mikey's tree" Every ornament is kid friendly and he can touch it and re decorate it all he wants! He loves the garland and the candy canes. We have a few Christmas toys and all our Christmas books under here. We hope to get a train on sale after Christmas for next year.
These are our entry and side tables... again decorated as cheaply as possible, but festive none the less.
It is fun to use what you already have to decorate for the Holidays, so much more thought and heart goes into the details. This year is extra special to us... not only will it be Adelyn's first Christmas and the first Christmas Mike will actually remember, but for the first time ever our families will be coming up here for Christmas! I can't wait!


  1. as you probably know, i use the same stuff year after year only adding fresh wreaths and poinsettas (and maybe a candleholder i couldn't resist) not only does that keep the expenses down but it reminds me of christmas past. it's just something about having familiar "stuff" around me.
    your house looks wonderful.
    aunt h

  2. Okay I am seriously going to have to quit reading your blog. I feel so inadequate. We have a tree half decorated (top only) with candy canes and one bookcase with our Little People nativity (which you HAVE to get if you don't have it already because both of our girls love it) and also all of our Christmas books.

  3. You inadequate? No way! Two kids, 4 months pregnant, and teaching kindergarten... iu have is amazing you have half a tree up! you have always set the mommy bar!

    And Aunt H, I still make that "Smell of Chriostmas" I remember from your house at Christmas.

  4. So beautiful! I love the kid friendly and also the more formal parts. A little for everyone. Nice! We finally put picks of the Christmas village up. You'll have to check them out. Russell finally got the train up and running today. Sophia is so excited!

  5. I can't get over the "few" nutcrackers you inherited. Your house looks lovely and I think I really really need a cricut! :)

  6. You did such a beautiful job - I can't get over that you did all that decorating with a toddler and a newborn! How exciting that both of your families are coming for Christmas, it will make the holidays even more special. I agree with Allison, it makes me want a cricut!!

  7. Watch the Joanne adds- the small Circut will be $100 after Christmas (I think it was even $75 once!) So far there has been nothing that made me wish I had the big one.

  8. WOW-everything looks beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see it in person??

  9. ;)....I knew yu had a cricut before I even read that line. I recognized the font. It's a wonder machine isn't it?

    Your home looks beautiful! Merry chistmas!

  10. Love your burlap garland and nativity...hope you have a FUN day! Merry Christmas!


  11. Your home looks lovely! I agree with you, your mantle looks adorable~I especially like your *merry* garland.

    Merry Christmas!

  12. You are one busy mama! Your home looks beautiful.

  13. What a beautiful job you have done with your decorations, thank you for sharing.

  14. Okay the little banner on the mantle is just too cute! I had fun touring!

  15. I love the MERRY banner. Thanks for having me over!

  16. I've been really enjoying the 2009 Christmas tour. Many of you are so talented and creative! I just love the banner!
    I just love all the decorations. Thank you for the tour!


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