Sunday, October 4, 2009

Easy Infant Costume

I have lots of friends who have infants this year for Halloween, so I thought I would post this costume I made in 30 minutes for Mike two years ago... also it was less than $5. The white pants were hand-me-downs from my sister. I was lazy and used a sharpie to color on the stripes. The long sleeved red onesie came from a resale shop for $3. I used clip art from the computer and felt to trace the skull and then just glued it on with good ole' Elmer's. I cut an old bandanna in half one for his sash and one for the head scarf. The ear ring is an old hoop that I poked through the bandanna. Super cute and super easy!


  1. How cute! What is he going to be this year?

  2. he is such a cutie with a very crafty mom. do you think he will know that it's all about the candy this year.
    aunt h

  3. We gave you a blog award! Check it out @

  4. Awesome! You're like the McGuyver of the crafting world.


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