Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Tiny Piece of Joy!

No blog post has touched me like the one from Kari's at U Create today. As many of you know around this time last year Adam and lost a baby girl. I delivered her at just 17 weeks. She was lovely and very tiny. The night before we had to deliver her Adam and I got into an argument about whether or not to bring a baby blanket to the hospital. For me it was letting her know we loved her, but for him it was just too much to think about. I remember this like it was yesterday...maybe it is the regret of not bringing a blanket. The closer I get to delivering Adelyn, the more I think about the baby I lost... and then to stumble upon this post only to find out the hospital in need is in my own backyard tells me God is listening and offering me a tiny piece of joy. I am going to be making a blanket or two and sending it to Greyson's Gift and I hope you will, too!
Please look at Greyson's Gift for more details about the 12 X 12 or 24 X 24 blankets and where to send them!

Let's go make something,


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