Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rag Applique Tutorial

Warning: If you follow this tutorial you may become an applique addict like myself! They are so easy and always turn out super cute! Select your fabrics. I almost always use scraps. A fun shape. I like to free hand these, but this heart came from my Circut. You will also need Wonder Under.
Trace your shapes onto the smooth side of the Wonder under and cut them out.
Note: If you are doing letters make sure you trace the backwards!
With the traced side up, use a warm iron to iron the shapes onto the wrong side of the fabric.
This step is what makes this a "rag" applique, because we are leaving an unfinished edge to enable the fabric to frey more. Cut out the shape leaving a 1/4 inch edge around the Wonder Under.
Snip along the edge to create a fringe around the edge. The closer the snips, the better the fringe!
Peel off the backing of the Wonder Under and use a warm iron to place the shapes onto your onesie. Remember, your edges will be loose, but most of the shape will now be fixed to the onesie.
Leaving the fringe loose, hand and or machine stitch around the shapes with 2 ply thread. Since I have been working on newborn sized onesies, I like to hand stitch them, but on larger ones I use my machine. The last step is to wash and dry your onesie... this is what helps the fringe get that fun "rag" look. It does not show up great in the picture, but trust me it sure looks cute!

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