Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grandparent's Day

For the first time I noticed Grandparent's Day on the calendar just in time to do something about it! I wanted to make something simple and meaningful, but I knew Mike wouldn't be able to help too much this year... So when I found these dish clothes marked down at Target a light bulb went off! (six for $4)
I really like how they turned out. The colors and the stitching make them child like and who doesn't like to see a child's hand print as time passes! Even though Mike is far away from his grandparent's, he loves looking at pictures and calling them on the phone. There is nothing more special than the relationship between a child and their grandparent... and I would know!


  1. I don't know when Grandparents day is but I hope mine is in the mail. It brought tears to my eyes & had to holler for Pops to come see. Can't believe you are doing that stitching. I guess all those years of watching me & me trying to show you are finally paying off. I love that you love to do this stuff. LaLa

  2. Hey thanks so much for entering this into my 2009 crafty contest on ! I did a tutorial about your can view it

    thanks so much for your inspiration! I absolutely love my new towel =)


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