Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mommy Made

Before... After finding this great idea on Nanny Goat's Blog when she was featured on U-create, I knew Adelyn had to have one! And what luck, I found this frame at Goodwill for $1.25. With just fabric, ribbon, a glue gun, and of course spray paint it became this.... After... She does not have many bows and clips yet, but I have made her three. I am hoping that since they will be easy to see and get too even daddy will try to use them! Now, any advice on how to encourage her to keep them in and headbands on?


  1. So adorable and waht a great idea! I'll have to make one of these for Sophia. I have no advice for keeping them in because Sophia always seems to get them out. Good luck! Maybe Adelyn will like to accessorize?

  2. I am totally doing this!!! Too great!!

    and also I have no thoughts on how to keep bows in her hair. Jane happens to LOVE headbands so I have no problem keeping those on but instead I have trouble convincing her to wear her hair up at all or even with clips because all she ever wants to wear is headbands.

  3. I love it! What a great new take on the bow holder. I just had Elizabeth wearing hats from about day 1 and I think that really helped - she just thinks she always should have something in or on her head!

  4. Good hints, girls! Thanks! Maybe since she will bea fall baby she will have to have her head coveredand will share Elizabeth's habit :)


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