Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let the Nesting Begin!

I guess you could say I started with the closets and then Mike's big boy room. I am not sure if it was the start of school, week thirty for the pregnancy being around the corner, or Organizing Junkie's blog.... but tackled the kitchen! After washing down the outside of all the cabinets... it was time for organizing and changing out the shelf paper! See how nice... under our island gets so messy because all my fun kitchen gadgets are kept here.
I even cleaned the oven. I hated to do it this time of the year because it is already so hot, but it had to be done. We like to bake our pizza's right on the rack for a crispy crust, but now I will enforce a new Fey rule... a cookie sheet must go under the rack to catch the cheese!
Spices before... all crammed in and on all three shelves! I couldn't even reach some of them!
After... every thing fits on two shelves- Rachel Ray would be so proud! Now, I am off to conquer the pantry....


  1. Beautiful!!!! I'm so proud of you! I wish I had your energy. You've been crafting and cleaning all week long. Must be that last minute rush of trying to get everything done before school starts back (and the arrival of Adelyn). You've inspired me. I'm not redoing the shelf liner but I am going to reconfigure thwhat is in the kitchen cabinets. We just keep getting more and more gadgets and tupperware and I'm running out of room.

  2. I know and then you start adding plastic stuff for the kids and those darn sippy cups are hardto store. I can't believe I will have to add bottles back in the mix... plus we use dr. brown's and they have so many pieces!

    I just love reading all these blogs from all these girls and think I can do that! :)

  3. It looks great, Kristi! I love it!! I don't know if you've ever checked out the tip junkie website but I went to her personal blog and she had a great post about organizing closets and the pantry. I reorganized my pantry after reading it! I can't believe you have so much energy - fabulous job!

  4. Great thanks... headed there now. One thing I never knew I would want is a walk in pantry. It is hard to keep little ones organized!


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