Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chef Boy-AR-Fey

Ready to make "Yum Yums" ... that is Mikey for snack.
Today's snack was that old childhood favorite: Ants On A Log
What a little chef. He really did a good job trying to spread the PB. I did heat it a tad to make it easier to spread. Then he got the bright idea to skip the celery all together! What can I say... he is as smart as he is cute!


  1. so much fun watching my fav red haired boy at work, cooking like his mom and dad.
    aunt h

  2. You're such a great mommy - cooking with Mike, making cute lunches in muffin tins, wow!! He's such a cutie, too :)

  3. Fun! I need to let Jane make these. Maybe she will actually eat some celery!


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